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Why Choose Sharetech?

At Share Tech Solutions, we want to make your company as efficient as possible, and eliminate many of the technical complexities that overwhelm business owners today. We manage and oversee all of your company’s IT needs, so you can focus on what’s most important to you -- running your business.


IT is dynamic, and always evolving. In order to get the most efficiency and greatest level of security, your infrastructure needs to be up to date at all times. We make use of the latest advances in cloud computing to provide you with the best service possible. Never wonder if your software is outdated again we’ll take care of it for you.


Security is among the top IT concerns for small businesses today. Keeping your data safe is a top priority for us, and we take a proactive approach to security. We don’t wait until after your data has been hacked to take action. With our 24/7 monitoring, we actively look for any attempted hacks and security threats. Not having to worry about whether or not your data is secured gives you peace of mind.


Everything we do is with the ultimate goal of helping your business function more efficiently. Whether it’s updating your phone system to VoIP, or moving to the cloud, we will simplify data, voice, and cloud to streamline your IT. Read our case studies to see real life examples of how we have been able to help increase productivity and efficiency for local businesses just like yours.


Are there holes in your company’s IT?

What if we told you that you’re spending more money on your company’s IT than you should be? What if there was a way to fulfill all of your tech needs in a more efficient way? That’s exactly what our complimentary IT Needs Assessment service is for.

We go through every aspect of your company’s IT, including software, data storage, security, phone service, business continuity and more, to find where your business is coming up short, and what can be improved. With several years of experience in the IT field, we’re able to pinpoint the weak spots that put your data at risk, and cost you money.

Unfortunately, many small and medium sized businesses rarely (if ever) perform an IT audit. Since technology is always evolving, it’s crucial that you’re up to date on all of the latest changes in security and IT efficiency. You may be completely unaware of all of the vulnerabilities your company has that could lead to security breaches, less productivity, and lost revenue.

Our assessments are customized to tackle the IT needs specific to your company. Some of the areas that we cover during your assessment are:

  • Your technology goals (where you most want to improve)
  • Technology expenses
  • Telecommunications
  • Software
  • Network/Connectivity
  • Storage & Backup

Are you ready to maximize your company’s efficiency, protect your information, and update your company’s IT infrastructure? Contact us today at 703-929-1451 to get your FREE IT Needs Assessment.



Below, you will find real life examples of how Share Tech Solutions was able to help local businesses become more efficient, increase productivity, and save money with our creative and innovative services. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business achieve similar results.

Case Study #1
- The Problem

Our client, a small woman owned international law firm in Fairfax, VA, like most businesses, started the day expecting business as usual. Unfortunately, there was a fire in the building where the law firm was located, which forced the building to be evacuated with no estimated time of return. With fear of being unable to access their office, the law firm called us to install a phone system in a remote location.

- Our Solution

Share Tech Solutions offered its VoIP solution, and initiated a port request to have their numbers ported to our solution. Since this would take a week or so, a temporary Hosted PBX was deployed and softphones and headsets were installed on all of the employees’ computers at a remote location.

After having their business phone numbers forwarded to the temp PBX, and adding a follow me feature to the solution so their cells would ring too, the law firm was able to do business just as if they were in the office within a few hours. All without being tethered to their desk, and eliminating the need for giving out personal cell phone numbers and missing new potential business. When the numbers finally ported, the cutover was seamless and unnoticeable to anyone.

- Results

What started as just needing a phone to ring in an emergency, not only got their phone to ring, but also:

  • Cut phone costs by close to 40%
  • Allowed them to receive voicemails as an email
  • Set up our “Follow Me” feature, which allows extensions to ring any phone you wish (home, cell, etc.)
  • Implemented headsets, which allow seamless transition from office phone to cell phone if you have to leave the office, or move to file storage without putting clients on hold

While a VoIP solution reduces operating expenses and makes it easy for companies to work from anywhere, they also gain better positioning by increasing efficiency and productivity, which leads to a better overall customer experience.

Case Study #2
- The Problem

Our client, Capital City Auction & Realty, a small boutique real estate firm in Washington, DC, needed a way for agents to be able to quickly find files in the field to answer questions from customers and prospective customers. They also wanted to provide administrative staff with a way to easily collaborate on business reports and other documents from remote locations.

- Our Solution

Share Tech Solutions implemented ShareSync, a secure file sync and share solution. Contracts, listings, sales forecasts, and administrative forms are all stored in ShareSync folders and shared with the appropriate staff.

- Results

In addition to helping to get easy access to necessary information, ShareSync has had a positive impact on the bottom line. The access to shared files and folders has streamlined reporting and the end-of-month close process, saving 4-5 hours of labor costs each month.

The mobile access for ShareSync is also a big boost for them, and helps them close new business more quickly with the ability to use a ShareSync mobile app to access references and send them to the prospect on the spot.


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