From 2005-2012, telecommuting/teleworking increased by 79%. More and more companies are starting to allow employees to work from home for various reasons. Thanks to the rise of the cloud, telecommuting has never been easier.

If you’re interested in implementing telecommuting at your company, Share Tech Solutions is here to assist you. Not only do we help other businesses utilize the cloud so that they can work from anywhere, but we have also implemented these services in our own business as well, so we know exactly how effective they can be.

Services for Telecommuters

In order to setup your business for telecommuting, the first step is completing our free IT needs assessment. This will enable us to evaluate different aspects of your business that are necessary to allow employees to work from home such as security and infrastructure.

We’ll be able to use our findings to make suggestions on changes that should be made in order to make telecommuting work efficiently. Telecommuters need to have access to company files, calendars, and other data, no matter where they are. And they also need to be able to easily collaborate with other employees, sometimes in real-time.

To accommodate these needs, a majority of our services are cloud based. Everything from telephone systems to emails and data storage can all be managed on the cloud, which means employees can access everything from their home or a remote location. Below are services we offer that will make telecommuting simpler and more efficient:

  • Voice
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Cloud storage
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Microsoft Office 365

Call us today to find out more about making telecommuting work for your company.