IT Needs Assessment

Are there holes in your company’s IT?

What if we told you that you’re spending more money on your company’s IT than you should be? What if there was a way to fulfill all of your tech needs in a more efficient way? That’s exactly what our complimentary IT Needs Assessment service is for.

Our D.C. IT consulting company’s audit and infrastructure service team goes through every aspect of your company’s IT- including software, data storage, security, phone service, business continuity, and more- to find where your business is coming up short, and what can be improved. With several years of experience in the IT field, we’re able to pinpoint the weak spots that put your data at risk, and cost you money.

Unfortunately, many small and medium sized businesses rarely (if ever) perform an IT audit. Since technology is always evolving, it’s crucial that you’re up to date on all of the latest changes in security and IT efficiency. You may be completely unaware of all of the vulnerabilities your company has that could lead to security breaches, less productivity, and lost revenue.

Our IT audit and infrastructure assessments are customized to tackle the IT needs specific to your company. Some of the areas that our D.C. IT consulting company covers during your assessment are:

  • Your technology goals (where you most want to improve)
  • Technology expenses
  • Telecommunications
  • Software
  • Network/Connectivity
  • Storage & Backup

Are you ready to maximize your company’s efficiency, protect your information, and update your company’s IT infrastructure? Contact our D.C. IT consulting experts today at 703-929-1451 to get your FREE IT Needs Assessment.