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Navigating through all of the ins and outs of IT for your business can be overwhelming. Staying up to date on the latest security threats, the newest hardware and products required specialized knowledge. At Share Tech Solutions, we act as your IT liaison to ensure you’re making the best decisions for your business.


We provide small business IT consulting in Virginia so that you can grow your company efficiently. As your company starts to change, so will your IT needs. Having experts by your side to guide you through the decision making process will help you avoid making costly mistakes such as having an unsecure network, investing in low quality equipment, or setting up your network incorrectly.


If you are in need of IT consulting for your small business in Virginia, call us today to get started.


IT Needs Assessment


When you schedule an IT Needs Assessment in Virginia with Share Tech Solutions, you are seeking efficiency and complimentary services that will strengthen your business. We will also provide cost effective treatments for threats that may be putting your data at risk and costing you money.


Our IT Assessment will provide you with all you need to be fully equipped to defend your company from vulnerabilities in malware and security breaches. And due to IT constantly evolving, it’s important for you as the customer to be aware of these latest changes in security and IT development.


Some of what we cover in our IT Assessment are as listed below:


  • Your technology goals

  • Technology expenses

  • Software

  • Network/Connectivity

  • Network Security

  • Storage & Backup


Learn more about IT Assessment


Network Infrastructure


We offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which gives small and medium sized businesses the resources its IT needs. With our IT infrastructure, it will act as the foundation of all your company’s computing needs. It is also equipped with email servers, operating systems, disaster recovery, and data storage.


If you want reasons why to consider implementing network infrastructure within your business, here they are:


  • Cost effective

  • Less hardware

  • Big equipment on a small budget


Don’t  hesitate to contact us to find out more about our solutions for IaaS in Virginia as we are one of the leading IaaS providers.


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Business Continuity


Mother nature’s unpredictability can put any business at risk for devastating losses. This is why it is all the more reason to protect your business from natural disasters such as:


  • Tornados

  • Floods

  • Snowstorms


Data has become more relied on and its security is imperative as it is any business’ lifeline. Operating in the Virginia area, clients already have an idea of how fickle the weather can be and the risks it poses on business’ data.


Be sure that we will ensure full data recovery when disaster strikes. We will recover data that would otherwise be lost and protect you from any other disasters in the future.


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Telecommuting Solutions


Share Tech Solutions has what it takes to assist your company in implementing telecommuting solutions. We will allow members of your business to remotely access the cloud so they can work from anywhere.


In order to implement telecommunications solutions, the first step will be to get our free IT Needs Assessment completed. Share Tech Solutions will use this in order to evaluate different aspects of the business that are necessary for employees to telecommute.


With our solutions primarily being cloud based, everything included in telephone systems to emails and data storage can be easily accessed and managed. We have the best solutions for telecommunications in Virginia .


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Web Development & Hosting


With our web development and hosting services, we can help ensure that your business’ webpage is the first point of contact for prospective clients.


Share Tech Solutions can customize your own unique and user friendly webpage so it can attract prospective clientele.


Learn more about Web Development & Hosting




Share Tech Solutions offers cabling for any of your cabling needs. In order to ensure that your digital communication is efficiently up and running, we provide cable design and installation services.


Some of the services that we offer are:


  • Demarc Extension

  • Video Cabling Service

  • Voice Cabling Service

  • Green Data Center Specialists


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Data and Internet


We offer high-speed, business-level internet for all your business needs and that work with your current communications technology. Share Tech Solutions includes:


  • Free quotes

  • Free consultations with specialists

  • No obligation & risk free


Share Tech Solutions’ contributors include:


  • Comcast

  • Netifice

  • Windstream

  • Qwest

  • MegaPath

  • Broad Wing


Learn more about Date and Internet


Managed Services


When it comes to managing your business, you have enough to worry about. Let us take care of the IT aspect and ensure that you are getting the most out of your technology.


Share Tech Solutions will combine speed and efficiency in order to make your order of operations smooth and simple. With our managed IT services in Virginia , we handle the support and infrastructure of your IT systems.


Other managed services that we can implement as a part of your business are:


Managed security

Managed print services


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In order to provide efficient and effective communication, our services, such as VoIP (Voice Over IP) can help ensure connectivity within your business. Stop missing important phone calls between your staff, clients, and suppliers just because you’re out of the office. At Share Tech Solutions, we make sure that you stay in touch no matter what and where you are.


Our VoIP service can be seen as internet calling. Instead of a phone jack, this service connects your phone to the internet. This can improve your business with scalability, productivity, teleworking, and mobility.


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For any and all of your emailing needs, Share Tech Solutions provides several options for clients. Programs we provide are: Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, and Enterprise class solutions to small and medium sized businesses. We can work with your budget to help you come up with a financial plan that will also meet your needs.


We will be sure to efficiently manage and sync your calendars, emails and appointments securely. Having a central location to easily access tools is part of what we can offer to increase efficiency and organization within your company. We also offer remote access to emails so you may conveniently manage them wherever you go.


Learn more about Email services


Cloud Solutions


Moving your business to the cloud can improve your business by helping it save money as well as having your company run more efficiently. On top of that, we set up the maintenance required to run your Cloud Server.


Benefits that Share Tech Cloud Servers offer are:


  • Predictable pricing: You pay for only what you use

  • Full control: You fully control the cloud server and use it for all business needs

  • Easily scalable: Manage and scale your resources as your business changes


Learn more about Cloud Solutions


For any and all IT services in Virginia, Share Tech Solutions is your one-stop shop towards managing them all. For any further questions call us at 703-929-1451.


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