Business moves faster than ever. If you’re not easily accessible for clients, vendors, and staff, you could be losing out. Your email, fax, and phone don’t have to be separate anymore. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of being able to access your office phone system from anywhere you have internet access with our VoIP solutions.

Are You Still Using Landlines?

The way business is done today is a total transformation from the way it was done ten years ago. Business is done at a much faster pace due to the ease of communication technology has created. As a result, clients expect to be able to get a hold of you immediately. If you aren’t able to keep in touch with clients when they need to, you could be losing out on revenue.

Is your business equipped to be easily available? Or do you constantly miss important calls because you’re out of the office or don’t have access to voicemails? It’s time to put an end to the broken communication between you and your staff, clients, and suppliers. At Share Tech Solutions, we make staying in touch simpler and easier than you could have imagined.

What is VoIP Service?

One reason why some business owners haven’t made the switch to VoIP is simply because they’re not really sure what it is. Terms like “internet telephony” or “Voice Over IP” sound complex and techy.

You can think of VoIP as internet calling. Instead of using the phone company’s wall jack, VoIP connects your phone to the internet using your internet connection. Your phone system will plug into your computer or your internet modem. You’re able to keep your same phone number, so making the transition is simple.

How Can VoIP Help Your Business?

Aside from the cost savings, switching to the Share Tech Solutions VoIP Services has several additional benefits for businesses.

- Scalability

Are you adding new employees? Moving to a new location? You can easily scale up or down as your business evolves.

- Mobility

Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP services give you the ability to access your phone system anywhere you have internet access. As a business owner, you may be out of the office for business meetings or events from time to time. With VoIP, you still have access to your business phone number no matter where you are. You can receive calls, check your voicemail, and function just like you’re in your office without skipping a beat.

- Productivity

Since they’re no longer tethered to a desk, employees are able to multi-task better while they’re on the phone with customers and clients. It might shock you to find out how much more efficiently employees are able to work when they aren’t tied down and restricted to a landline phone. You can also receive voicemails and fax right to your email and eliminate delayed responses.

- Simplicity

Switching to a VoIP system is much easier than you might think. You don’t have to deal with separate cables like traditional landline phones. Digital phone systems don’t have the hassle of installing a lot of hardware, since everything is handled using software accessible through the cloud. That makes VoIP a great solution for those who aren’t as tech-savvy and want a high quality, easy to use phone system.

- Teleworking

With more and more businesses allowing employees to work from home, VoIP offers a great solution that will allow teleworkers to receive calls to the office phone number, even if they’re not physically there. This is also ideal for companies who have employees in different parts of the country. You can have one phone number for the entire office with extensions for each employee. No matter where your employees are based, customers and clients can reach them from the office phone number.

Share Tech Solutions VoIP Service

With the Share Tech Solutions VoIP Service, our clients have been able to save as much as 60% on their phone bills. Our solutions offer:

  • Unparalleled HD Voice Quality
  • Web-based management of users
  • Full-featured conference bridges
  • No contract, no hidden fees, taxes, and surcharges
  • Unlimited calling in the US and Canada
  • Business class features and functions
  • Voicemail to email

Are you ready to step out of the 20th century and switch out your old landline phone? Call Share Tech Solutions at 703-929-1451 to try our award winning VoIP service today!

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