One of the key benefits of the Cloud is the ability to access your files and information from anywhere. You may have heard of different cloud data storage solutions such as Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive. While these solutions have become very popular, particularly for personal use, they fall short in the areas that matter the most for businesses such as security and easy integration with other services.

Share Tech Solutions uses ShareSync, a cloud storage solution that offers greater security, control, and integration. If you want to keep your business files as secure as possible in the Cloud, then ShareSync will be a great fit.

Why ShareSync?

The information that businesses store on the cloud is much different that what most consumers store. Dropbox may be acceptable for storing family photos, homework, or other non-sensitive data. But when it comes to storing information about your clients, financial records, or other sensitive documents, Dropbox simply does not have the security measures in place to keep your information safe.

ShareSync was built for business owners. All necessary precautions are taken in order to give you top level security, while remaining easily accessible on all of your devices.

Some of the advantages of ShareSync include:
  • Multiple folder permission levels: You can set which employees can access which folder and files.
  • Two-step authentication: Get an added level of security by requiring two steps for users to access a file. This ensures that the person trying to access the file is the intended user.
  • Firewall Monitoring: We offer 24/7 firewall monitoring. If there is a breach or suspicious activity, we’re able to tackle the problem right away.
  • Data encryption: With ShareSync, your files have military-grade encryption. Complete control: Whether you want to lock a document you’re editing so others can’t work on it, or only allow certain users to edit a file, it’s simple to do in with our user friendly control panel. Collaborate securely with ease.
  • Mobile access: With the ShareSync mobile app, you have access to your documents on all of your devices.
  • Easy Integration: ShareSync easily integrates with the tools you use in your business every day such as Outlook and Microsoft Office.
  • Share outside of the company: Need to share a file or folder with a user outside of the company such as a client? No problem. ShareSync allows you to share files and folders with anyone, even if they don’t have ShareSync.
  • Work offline: You can work on your documents offline, and they will be automatically synced when you get online. You don’t have to lose productivity due to a lack of internet access.

Want to learn more about how storing your files securely with ShareSync can benefit your business? Call Share Tech Solutions today at 703-929-1451.

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