Mother Nature can strike at any time with tornadoes, floods, snowstorms, or even fires. Most businesses know the importance of having insurance to cover the loss of physical property, but few stop to think about how these incidents can result in a loss of data and productivity, and cripple your business.

Share Tech Solutions can prepare your business for incidents, whether caused by:

  • Natural disaster
  • Human error
  • Technical failures

With our help, clients are able to minimize lost productivity and revenue after an emergency.

The Cost Of Lost Data

Most businesses today rely heavily on data to operate. Whether it’s a database of customers, daily reports, or documents for a big project, data has become perhaps the most valuable asset for most businesses today. So what happens when you lose it all?

Operating in the Virginia, Maryland, and D.C area, you are well aware of the potential effects that weather can have on your business. Sadly, many small businesses in the area that lose a significant amount of data as a result of these incidents are never able to make a full recovery. Even worse, a large percentage of these businesses eventually close down soon after because the loss is too great.

It’s time to start protecting your data, and putting the necessary safeguards in place so that a loss of data doesn’t result in lost business.

Share Tech Solutions Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Two of the worse challenges that an organization can face are business interruption and data loss. If your company doesn’t have backup and disaster recovery as part of your technology plan, you could find yourself wishing you had placed more focus on situations that you previously thought would never happen to you. We can protect you against (and help you recover from) business interruptions and data loss..

Your business’ data has never been safer with the help of Share Tech Solutions. You will have peace of mind knowing that if anything happens, you will be able to bounce back and go back to business as usual. Our solutions include:

  • Offsite data backup on the cloud
  • VoIP options for phone systems
  • Cloud servers
  • Sharesync to access your files from anywhere
  • Hosted Exchange

Take The First Step Today

To get started, contact Share Tech Solutions at 703-929-1451 to get our free IT Needs Assessment. We will assess your current setup, and make recommendations for improving your backup and data recovery readiness. It costs you nothing, but could save you everything.