Why Us?

At Share Tech Solutions, we want to make your company as efficient as possible, and eliminate many of the technical complexities that overwhelm business owners today. We manage and oversee all of your company’s IT needs, so you can focus on what’s most important to you -- running your business.


Security is among the top IT concerns for small businesses today. Keeping your data safe is a top priority for us, and we take a proactive approach to security. We don’t wait until after your data has been hacked to take action. With our 24/7 monitoring, we actively look for any attempted hacks and security threats. Not having to worry about whether or not your data is secured gives you peace of mind.

Latest Technology

IT is dynamic, and always evolving. In order to get the most efficiency and greatest level of security, your infrastructure needs to be up to date at all times. We make use of the latest advances in cloud computing to provide you with the best service possible. Never wonder if your software is outdated again; we’ll take care of it for you.

Boost Your Efficiency

Everything we do is with the ultimate goal of helping your business function more efficiently. Whether it’s updating your phone system to VoIP, or moving to the cloud, we will simplify data, voice, and cloud to streamline your IT. Read our case studies to see real life examples of how we have been able to help increase productivity and efficiency for local businesses just like yours.

Industry Specializations

Share Tech Solutions works with clients in a wide range of industries including financial services, healthcare, legal services and more. This has enabled us to learn the unique IT challenges faced by these different sector